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Reminder for Grade 5 Families

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Reminder for Grade 5 Families
by Leanne Lawson - Tuesday, 9 June 2020, 12:35 PM

This year, much like last year we will be creating a grade 5 yearbook for the students as a keepsake. Each child will have their own page in the yearbook with a photo and their compass of memories.

Please read these instructions for the compass of memories before starting: 

*Each child will receive a compass with four sections

*Write your name in the heart in black ink and colour the heart your favourite colour 

*In each section write a favourite memory from elementary school.

*Use pencil first to write then go over it in black ink and erase the pencil

*Use bright colours for pictures (pencil crayons look best)

*All colour must stay within the inside black circle

*In pencil write your name and class teacher on the back

Have fun creating your colourful compass of memories. Please hand these into your classroom teacher or the compass box by Mrs. Sinclair-Wise and Ms Brown’s class door on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All completed compasses must be in by June 14th at 2pm.

Grade 5 Farewell Committee