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Welcome to the 2016/2017 School Year!
by Leanne Lawson - Friday, 8 July 2016, 10:13 AM

School Start-Up Procedures for Tuesday, September 6th

Returning Students

Please proceed to last year’s classroom at the 8:40 bell.

New Students to the school

Should gather in the Multi-Purpose Room at the 8:40 bell.

Our new students will be given an introduction and taken to ...

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KELSET Elementary PAC School Supplies
by Leanne Lawson - Friday, 24 June 2016, 1:53 PM

It’s that time of year to start thinking about ordering your school supplies for next year. The ordering of school supplies will be done online. We will not be taking cash or cheques at the school. Monk Office supply has teamed up with the KELSET PAC to provide the best possible price ...

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Storing Information on the Computer
by Leanne Lawson - Thursday, 23 June 2016, 2:14 PM

The Director of Information Technology for our school district has shared that due to storage space issues on the school computer servers, we will be deleting all data on student home folders at the end of each school year. If students have any data that they want to keep, that is currently stored on the school server, they must copy the files to their own device by June 28. Please send a data stick to the school to ensure the data is saved if you wish to do so.