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Administrative Announcement

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Administrative Announcement
by Leanne Lawson - Friday, 1 May 2015, 2:50 PM
An Update Regarding the Principalship at KELSET for next year:

There has been a recent change in plans regarding the KELSET principalship for next year.  Tom Vickers will now be staying at Sidney School, in order to provide continuity for that community, where Tom has just been the Principal for three years.  Mr. Franceschini will still be going to Deep Cove and the principalship at KELSET will be posted, for an in-District competition.  

The Superintendent and/or delegates will be requesting input from PAC reps and staff next week, regarding the qualities desired in the new Principal.  The District is confident that there will be a very suitable successor for Mr. Franceschini, who will continue to provide strong leadership at KELSET.