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Dance Club

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Dance Club
by Donna Collett - Monday, 27 April 2015, 2:46 PM
Thank you to everyone who has helped the KELSET Dance Club this 2014/15 school year! It takes many people to create something great smile

In particular, huge thanks to Lesley Arnold for donating her time, energy and creativity. We love the choreography and music!

Lesley Arnold - Choreographer and Director
Tracie Ashcroft - Producer
Julie McManus - Stage Manager
Erin Healey - Costuming
Robin Dupree - Student Support
Joan O'Leary - UVic Co-ordinator
Dance parents - Road Crew
Grant Franceschini and Donna Collett - Sponsors
Darrell Whalen - Tech Support
KELSET staff and students - Cheerleaders & Fans