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Naturescape Work Party

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Naturescape Work Party
by Leanne Lawson - Thursday, 29 November 2012, 2:30 PM

On Sunday, December 2nd from 10:00 to about 2:00, we will be having another one of our Naturescape work parties.  We will be planting more trees and shrubs.  We still have about $700.00 to spend (from Tree Canada).   And ḰELSET dad  Ian Smith, is always able to stretch those dollars as he has great connections.

You do not have to know anything about gardening to help.  The jobs will be digging and mulching for the most part.    Even if you can only come for part of the time, any amount of help is appreciated. 

If you have a wheelbarrow and can bring it, that would be very useful for transporting the mulch.  Bring your gloves & shovels/pitchforks too.

Unless we get a hard rain, the work party will go on.