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FUN Day: Important Information for Students and Families

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FUN Day: Important Information for Students and Families
by Philip Jungen - Sunday, 26 June 2022, 10:09 AM



“Do you have any news?”


As a reminder, tomorrow morning, Monday June 27, we are bringing back FUN day, IYES SȻÁĆEL, to ḰELSET. Students will be able to choose from a variety of teacher-run stations throughout the morning. It will be very warm tomorrow - warm and sunny days are what we all want for the summer months; however, it is important to practise sun safety tomorrow:

  • Wear light-colored, light weight, breathable clothing.

  • Have lots of fluids before coming to school.

  • Come to school with sunscreen already applied, and sun hats.

  • All students should come to school with a filled waterbottle.

  • For nutrition, in addition to FUN lunch, students should still bring a large snack. 

  • Optional, if participating in FUN day water activities: Change of clothes and a towel.

We will be monitoring for any heat-related illness, and encouraging students to stay hydrated, take breaks from the sun, and seek shade inside or out when needing a break. We will have water readily accessible for students, along with a staff-provided frozen treat in the morning.

Thanks again to our PAC and parent volunteers, for putting on a free pizza lunch for our students. All students will be returning inside by 11:14 for FUN lunch.

We look forward to enjoying IYES SȻÁĆEL, while being safe in the sun, tomorrow.

-ḰELSET administration