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URGENT - Volunteers Needed

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URGENT - Volunteers Needed
by Leanne Lawson - Wednesday, 5 June 2019, 12:42 PM

Spring Fair Volunteering is in dire need of your help families, ONLY ONE THIRD OF VOLUNTEERS HAS SIGNED UP - 59 signed up and we need another 116 volunteers ☹ ☹ ☹ Please rally to make this happen - family, relatives, neighbours, friends, schools kids….. signup:

Rest assured there is a wet weather plan to bring things inside should it rain so please continue to volunteer, we need MANY of you to help out.

Set up: 8 SPOTS
Dunk Tank Swimmers: 7 SPOTS
Prize table: 4 SPOTS
Bake sale: 3 SPOTS
Food sales: 7 SPOTS
Cotton Candy: 1 SPOT
Raffle: 4 SPOTS
Auction: 3 SPOTS
Punch card sales: 3 SPOTS
Volunteer table: 2 SPOTS
Volunteer support: 7 SPOTS
Trucks: 1 SPOT
Clean-up: 8 SPOTS\

GAMES: We need a TON of volunteers as below, we are only asking for 4/class and most are not signed up at all☹\
Williams: 2 SPOTS
Manning: 3 SPOTS
Rose: 4 SPOTS
Riddell: 2 SPOTS
Backhaus: 3 SPOTS
Ashton: 3 SPOTS
Underwood: 4 SPOTS
Steele: 4 SPOTS
Hagar: 4 SPOTS
Mackinnon: 2 SPOTS
Sheridan: 3 SPOTS
Shaw: 2 SPOTS
Hodgson: 2 SPOTS
Rochon: 4 SPOTS
Fawkes: 4 SPOTS
Coles: 3 SPOTS
Hale: 4 SPOTS
Stewart: 4 SPOTS