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Spring Fair Update

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Spring Fair Update
by Leanne Lawson - Monday, 26 June 2017, 12:37 PM

The final numbers are in and the ḰELSET Spring Fair event was a huge success!  On June 2 our ḰELSET community enjoyed a night of family fun with fabulous food and entertainment.  In addition to the fun, the event and associated silent auction and raffle raised $17,600 for our school!  100% of these funds will go toward school programs that benefit our kids’ learning, including programs such as: 

Reflex Math, Science Ventures, K-3 Visiting Scientists, Literacy Programs/Books, Artist in Residence, Dr Claire Vanston’s Body Science, Growing Young Farmers Program, Mindfulness Programs, Kelset Cares, Grade 4/5 PE enhancements, Field Trips, Outdoor Equipment, Environmental Programs (Lifecycles), Forgotten Lunch Program, Earthquake Kits, PAC Community Events, and improved technology in the classrooms.

On behalf of the ḰELSET PAC, I wish to thank all of our generous donors.  There are too many individuals and companies to list here, but the extensive silent auction list showcases the generosity of our community.  We give a huge thanks once again to WestJet for their donation of the flight for two, and to Stephen Postings for the iPad Mini for our raffle.  The Price family donated the delicious cotton candy, Maria’s Souvlaki donated salads, and the Pendray family brought that amazing kettle corn!  The Cultural Centre’s fry bread was another delicious addition to the event. 

Our Spring Fair planning committee worked hard to bring this event to fruition.  I would like to thank our team for all of their hard work:

Gwen McEwan (Games), Michelle Fyfe (Silent Auction), Carolyn Moeller (Raffle), Ashley Sonosky (Treasurer), Lindsay Trudeau and Sarah Pendray (Food), Tarryn Vantreight (Classroom Baskets), Marissa Bentham,Shannon Johnsen, and Meghan Judson (Volunteer Coordinators), Ashli Sharpe and Alison Gordon (Marketing), Nina Parry and Michelle Cote (Prizes), Nicole Nason, Laura Veasey and Celinia Fung (Committee Support).

Thank You!
Heather Fyfe
Spring Fair Coordinator