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by Leanne Lawson - Thursday, 23 February 2017, 12:03 PM

Hello ḰELSET Families.

Please find a few updates:

  • February 24 (Friday)--Non Instructional Day- Students are not in session.

  • March 2- (Thursday)- Early Closure Day- students are dismissed at 1:48 pm.

  • March 6- (Monday)—Non Instructional Day- Students are not in session.

  • ḰELSET Family Dance- thank you to everyone who helped make the ḰELSET Family Dance last Friday evening a huge success! Thank you to Katy Hembruff and Tarryn Vantreight for all their work in planning this event! Also, thank you to Moises Del Olmo for doing such a great job as a DJ!

  • ḰELSET Club Day- we are working at increasing the number of opportunities for our students to become involved in an activity at lunchtime. We are encouraging our students to try something new and hopefully meet some new friends from other classes. On Monday, February 20th, we had our first ḰELSET Club Day where all of our students could choose to attend a club they were interested in. Some of the choices were; Colouring Club (K-2), Chess (3-5), Lego Club (3-5), Mural Club (K-5), Coding Club (4-5) and Lacrosse (K-2). The students really enjoyed this opportunity! We will be having another Club Day on Monday, March 13th. If we continue to have a great deal of interest, we are hoping to have Club Day on a more regular basis starting after Spring Break. Huge thank you to the parents who stepped in and helped with a club - Steve Weller, Gwen McEwen and Shawn Millin. Thank you to all the staff who helped make this happen! Students did have the choice to play outside as usual!

  • Thank you to the parents and staff members who offer other extra curricular activities throughout the week—Hip Hop Dance, Swim Club, Basketball and Success Club. Students greatly enjoy these opportunities!

  • ḰELSET Beliefs Day-February 22nd- thank you to all the staff and students that helped share the important message of kindness and respect.