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2016/17 KELSET PAC

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2016/17 KELSET PAC
by Leanne Lawson - Wednesday, 8 June 2016, 9:16 AM

The KELSET PAC (which every parent and guardian is a member of) is pleased to announce the following Executive Members for 2016/17:

There is still a need for a First Nations Representative and a Secretary.  The Secretary role is mandatory in order for our PAC to function as a society and receive a gaming grant (approx. $7,500).  This role requires attending each meeting and recording minutes to be distributed in a timely manner and could easily be shared by 2 people alternating. 

Please consider joining this great group of parents (Dads are welcome too!) If you have any questions please contact or anyone listed below…

New PAC Executive for the year 2016/17 – By Acclamation:

Presidents - Jen Langard and Laura Veasey

Past Presidents - Sara Benson and Marissa Bentham

Vice President - Gwen McEwen

Secretary - vacant

Treasurer - Ashley Sonosky

Fundraising Chair - Zabrina Fieldhouse

COPACS Rep - Jeannine Wakely

First Nations Rep - vacant

Fun Lunch Coordinators - Jeannine Wakely

Special Events Committee co-chairs - Tarryn Vantreight and Katie Hembruff

Members at Large (More Spots Available!!) - Lesley Arnold 

New positions:

Earthquake Coordinator - Sonya Cox

KELSET Cares Coordinator - Lisa McConnell