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Thrifty Foods Smile Cards

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Thrifty Foods Smile Cards
by Leanne Lawson - Wednesday, 20 January 2016, 9:57 AM

KELSET Community,

REMINDER:  Thrifty Foods Smile Card Program – The Easiest Fundraiser Ever!

Only 5 months left! So PLEASE, if you haven’t participated yet:

All you need to do is buy groceries using a re-loadable Smile Card and Thrifty Foods will give our school 5% back, up to the $2000 maximum amount approved!

We have 2 card programs…
- KELSET General for everyone to use, even grandparents ($2000 for Reflex Math)
- KELSET 4/5 Camp for happy campers in June ($2000 to supplement parent’s portion)

To use:
1. Before you put through your grocery order at the checkout – load an amount of your choice onto your card, can pay using debit, credit or cash.
2. Then use your card to pay for your order. The balance remaining on your card will be printed on your receipt. If your card balance doesn’t cover your bill you just pay the remainder like a regular purchase.

 Did you know…?

- If we don’t meet these goals we will not be approved for the same amounts next year = no Reflex Math or 4/5 Camp
- These cards are entirely independent of your Air Miles card
- So not only will you get your credit card points, you will get your Air Miles points AND 5% of what you spend goes back to the school!
- The cards can be reused from year to year
- It is a great way to budget!

If you need a card or have any questions, please contact the PAC at

Thanks for feeding your families, and helping us get cash back for our school!