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Wi-Fi in the School

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Wi-Fi in the School
by Leanne Lawson - Thursday, 21 May 2015, 12:47 PM


At KELSET school, the majority of teaching staff believe that access to a wireless network would enable us to meet the learning needs of a diverse population of students. The network would be accessible in the library, office area, and a few surrounding classrooms. There would also be a mobile hub on the iPad cart. Currently, Lochside and Brentwood Elementary Schools provide WiFi accessibility for their students.

In our school WiFi would support and enhance student learning in several ways including:

  • Personalizing learning and increasing student engagement

  • Alleviating computer lab scheduling as iPads can be used in classrooms – more than one class can be using technology at the same time

  • Meeting the diverse needs of students:

    • Apps for students on individual educational plans (IEPs)

    • Support for students with written output challenges

    • Extend learning for those needing academic challenges

WiFi access would allow:

  • Optimal use of 18 school iPads provided by PAC (currently using apps that don’t require WiFi)

  • Ms. McManus to teach research skills in the library using the iPads
  • Effective use of the library search engine to locate books
  • The teaching and monitoring of students learning how to post on an academic district blog

  • The teaching of safe and appropriate use of the Internet skills

In order for you to make an informed decision, we are including two links with relevant research on the topic from both sides of the debate.

Here is the link to Health Canada:

Here is the link to information from Canadians for Safe Technology:

We would like to hear from all parents/guardians at KELSET to ensure we have the support to move forward with the submission to the Superintendent of Schools.

Please click the link below to indicate your answer to the following question:

Do you support the introduction of WiFi at KELSET?

Thanks for your feedback and careful consideration of this proposal.

Grant Franceschini and Donna Collett
Principal and Vice Principal