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Administrative Annoucement

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Administrative Annoucement
by Leanne Lawson - Thursday, 14 May 2015, 12:41 PM
Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am happy to let you know that Cathy Crockett-Moore has been appointed as the Principal of KELSET. Cathy has been the interim Principal at the Children's Development Centre since January, on leave from her position of Vice Principal at Brentwood, and is a highly experienced, skilled and compassionate educator. I will be working closely with Cathy over the next few months and I am very pleased to leave the school in her care. You will be seeing Cathy around in the next few weeks and I hope you will join me in giving her a warm welcome to KELSET!

As well, I want to let you know that Donna Collett decided earlier this month that she would like to take a leave from administration for a year, in order to deal with some ongoing health challenges; her leave was approved at last night's Board meeting and Donna looks forward to returning to a full time teaching position (the school has not yet been determined, but she most likely will not be staying at KELSET.) I am sure you join me in wishing Donna a quick return to good health. I know she will enjoy her time focusing on her students and classroom, rather than being pulled in a multitude of directions each minute of each day! Donna will be greatly missed by her administrative colleagues and at KELSET. I am sure you join me in wishing her a quick return to good health.

The VP position will be filled through a posting (in District).

Grant Franceschini,