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Regarding Parking in Panorama's North Lot:

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Regarding Parking in Panorama's North Lot:
by Donna Collett - Monday, 6 October 2014, 7:42 PM
Regarding Parking in Panorama's North Lot:
The Management at Panorama has called to inform us that they have had several patrons express concern about parents and children in the Panorama parking lot.  Parents have been reported as "stopping haphazardly" all over the north end of the parking lot and children have been reported to be running between the parked cars and out in front of patrons trying to find a parking spot. Patrons have said that they have to be extremely careful getting around stopped cars.  As many of the children are quite short, they are particularly difficult to see amongst the vehicles.
If you are using the Panorama lot at our school pick up and drop off times, please be sure to use caution and to be respectful of Panorama's patrons.  Please pull into a parking spot, preferably closest to the trail/school; don't stop in the lanes to let your children out of the car.  Please ensure that your children are being walked, with care, to the crosswalk.  Please help your children to understand the importance of moving carefully in the lot.
The Panorama staff very graciously allow us to use their lot and we don't want them to feel compelled to discourage us from doing so and, of course, we all want to ensure the safety of the children.
Thank you for your anticipated support and attention to this very important safety issue.
Grant Franceschini,