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ḰELSET Christmas Hampers

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ḰELSET Christmas Hampers
by Leanne Lawson - Friday, 2 December 2016, 12:47 PM

Working together, ḰELSET students, staff and PAC are creating Christmas hampers to support families in our ḰELSET community.

There are three ways to contribute.

  • Gift cards or monetary donations

We recommend $25 gift cards to Thrifty Foods, Save On Foods, Red Barn or Walmart. Cash or cheque donations (made out to School District 63) in any denomination. Funds will go towards purchasing items to complete the hampers or directly to the families.

  • Gifts for families

Our goal is for each family member to have one gift to open on Christmas morning. See suggestions and sign up for the gift(s) you wish to purchase here: 

Please ensure gifts are new, un-wrapped and be sure to label them with the description on Sign Up Genius.

  • Classroom Food Drive

Div 1 – Williams - Pancake mix (add water only), syrup

Div 2 – Manning – Christmas Crackers (fun, pull apart toys)

Div 3 – Rose – Crackers (variety) & cheese (cheddar)

Div 4 – Bocking – Cranberry sauce & stuffing

Div 5 – Ashcroft - Tea, coffee & hot chocolate

Div 6 – Lapierre – Oatmeal, cereals (variety)

Div 7 – Underwood- Bags of rice, onions

Div 8 – Steele- Apple and orange juices

Div 9 – MacKinnon – canned corn & other canned vegetables

Div 10 – Sheridan – Granola bars, fruit leathers, snacks and cookies

Div 11 – Trottier – Kraft dinner, soups

Div 12 – Hale – Kidney beans, canned tomatoes, chili mix

Div 13 – Stewart – Pasta, pasta sauces

Div 14 – Postlethwaite –Peanut butter, jam

Div 15 – Fawkes – Apples & oranges

Div 16 – Coles – Carrots & potatoes

Please bring in your food drive items starting on the Craft Night on December 8th or to your classroom December 9th, 12th and 13th.

Deadline for all contributions – December 13th, 2016. Hampers will be delivered December 15th.