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Summer Ideas for Families

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Summer Ideas for Families
by Donna Collett - Friday, 4 July 2014, 2:57 PM

Dear Parents/Guardians,


We encourage you to spend some time with your child this summer to consolidate and further build their reading, writing and numeracy skills.


Our school website is a great source for links to websites with games and activities for your child to use. Be sure to check out the sites listed under Student Links and the Learning Commons. You will find the link to REFLEX Math and other Math sites as well as great links to places to research cool facts about history and animals. The students should be familiar with both of these places on our school website.


Remember to keep your child reading! Try to ensure your child explores and/or independently reads every day for at least 20 minutes. Older students in Grades 4 and 5 should read for at least 30 minutes every day!To continue enhance writing skills encourage your child to keep a journal; you can do a shared journal by writing your response to a show, movie or book (say what it made you think about, who a main character reminds you of, what you think might happen next in the story, then have your son or daughter answer you in writing.) You can also encourage your child to keep a journal of summer experiences including illustrations or photos with the writing. There are many apps for ipads or tablets that encourage event capturing with text and photos!!


For those of you with ipads or tablets, you can explore the many apps which provide great stimulation and practice of basic skills. These can be found using a google search. Many are free downloads through iTunes, and many are also available for android devices. See the bottom of this post for ideas.


Remember the importance of getting outside too, be sure to encourage your child to explore the outdoors! Visit one of our local parks or beaches. 


CRD Parks

Have a great summer. We will see you in September!!!





Here is a list of a few apps that we would recommend:


Alphabet and Letters

Letter School

Writing Wizard

Wee Sing

ABC Ninja

Endless ABC


Apps for Stories- most of these are free

I Like Books

Story Time

Mee Genius

Big Cat Series

BB Magic Lite


Read Me Stories

Alice Lite

Sleeping Beauty


Story Creation


Toontastic Shrek

Big Cat series (create a story after reading one)


Photo Books


Little Story Maker

Story Maker




Amazing Match

Mini Adventures Let's Go

Mini Adventures Music

Mini Adventures Let's Go and Learn the Alphabet



How to Draw

Virtuoso- keyboard

Doodle Dandy


Let’s Spot

Toca Boca



Social Skills

Social Express

Social HD

Going Places

Between the Lines 1 and 2

Emotionary by Me.Mu