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Picture of Ginny Underwood
by Ginny Underwood - Tuesday, 1 July 2014, 1:01 PM

Happy Canada Day! cool I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all for a wonderful, memorable school year.  I was honored and privileged to teach and learn from your child this year.  I will always be your child's grade two teacher and that is special indeed.  I was hopeful that we would see each other again after our last day we had together, but it was not the case, sadly.  We had so many fun plans in place to celebrate our year of hard work. sad I would like to thank the parents and families who contributed to the beautiful gift of Chapters, Specialty Tea gift cards, the box of chocolates and packages of tea.  You know me so well...I will sip and enjoy my tea as I munch on chocolates and read a book from Chapters that you gifted me with. I would also like to thank Luca, Matt and Melissa for the gift card from Marigold, I love flowers and they will bring me much joy.  My last thank you goes out to Hana, Bonnie, Tim and family for the boxes of chocolate, beautiful tray and tongs and the crossword puzzle.  Doing jigsaw puzzles is a favorite past time of mine, how did you ever know?  So I feel spoiled and appreciated, I raise my hands up to you in thanks(as we do in our culture) and say 'huy ch q' u siem---translation, thank you my friend and respected one.  Have a wonderful summer!  We all deserve a much needed rest and vacation. 

This is also just another reminder that the school is open on Thursday of this week if your child has forgotten indoor shoes or personal belongings in our classroom.  Grant or Donna will be at school for the day if you would like to pick them up. 

There is no word for good bye in my culture, the saying goes, ``until we meet again.``  Take care, I miss the kids already, but look forward to seeing you at Panorama or around the peninsula.  Cheers!

heartGinny, aka Mrs. Underwood