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    by Ginny Underwood - Tuesday, 1 July 2014, 1:01 PM

    Happy Canada Day! cool I would like to send a heartfelt thank you to all for a wonderful, memorable school year.  I was honored and privileged to teach and learn from your child this year.  I will always be your child's grade two teacher and that is special indeed.  I was hopeful that we would see ...

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    Monday Tuesday
    8:45-9:10 French(**in MPR)

    10:15-10:40 P.E.

    Spelling lesson

    1:15-1:40 Library
    Book Exchange
    8:45-9:10 French(in class)

    10:15-10:40 P.E.

    2:20-2:45 Library

    9:45-10:10 French(in class)

    10:15-10:40 P.E.

    *Math Homework(please return by Friday)

    8:40-9:00 Read to Self/Others

    1:10-1:40 WALK *Rain or shine

    2:00 Computer Lab

    8:40-9:00 Noisy
    , please come

    10:00 Reflex Math in c. lab

    Spelling Test

    1:15-1:40 Buddy

    *Fresh Fruit
    Friday's according to monthly calendar

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      School Connect logging into KELSET from home:

      Students can login to their school account from home via an Internet connection and any web browser.
      • Go to SD63 District site
      • from the menu select Schools then School Connect
      • from the drop-down list of schools, select KELSET then click Connect
      • the first time you connect you will see a series of 3 or 4 dialogue box questions - answer in the affirmative to each of them ie. run, yes, ok, or unblock
        then download. Simply, a necessary browser plugin is being installed and as a security measure, your permission is required. Typically, these steps are only required the first time you use School Connect.
      • the next prompt is to login to KELSET which requires your child's login name and password.
      • Once logged in your child will see exactly what they are accustomed to at school.